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My Approaches to Therapy

The search for a therapist who understands can be difficult and long. I encourage you to stay motivated to find the right fit. I know from my own work that therapy only works when there is a solid working relationship between me and my client. Let me share a little more about how I work.


Flexibility to meet my client’s needs is a core value of mine. While my educational background is psychodynamically focused that does not mean that I am limited to only “talk therapy”. I understand that not every experience can best be explored intellectually. We can often increase our awareness through art and movement. The images in our mind’s eye or the shapes our bodies take are rich sources of insight.


I have developed an anti-oppressive practice understanding that the traumatic effects of experiences of oppression are not studied enough in the field of psychotherapy. From my work with queer and trans folk, and specifically from my work with queer and trans folks of color I have developed an understanding of hate violence and intimate partner violence outside of the context of heteronormativity and within the context of intersectionality. And how historical, generational, and the ongoing trauma of systemic oppression deeply impacts our experiences and responses in the here and now. One thing I’ve learned is that the tools of liberation can only be crafted with both creativity and care because we don’t know what they look like and the tools readily available to us are those of oppression.


Have you ever wondered “where am I and where am I going?” or “why do I have these relationships?” Do you want to understand how your past is affecting your present? Let’s figure out how you can grow toward your dream future.

"When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves."


Viktor E. Frankl


Initial Consultation
Individual Psychotherapy

If you're unsure about therapy or what work with me would be like, give me a call and let's explore your needs and how best to meet them. This is our chance to connect and learn a little more about each other. An initial consultation lasts about 20 minutes and is free of charge.

Anyone can find it isolating when you don't feel seen or heard by others. It can also be a struggle to live in an oppressive world. Maybe you are out of resources and everything keeps demanding more. These stresses mount if we don't have the community support we need to take care of ourselves. You know these problems because you've probably dealt with them your whole life in some shape or form. Reaching out for help can be the hardest but most important first step to break that isolation.

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